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Building A Customer Equity through Brand Image of Islamic Commercial Banks

This study aimed to obtain the results of studies on the effects of the influence of integrated marketing communications and customer relationship management performance the brand image and its implications on the equity Sharia Commercial Bank customers in Greater Jakarta. The unit of analysis in this study is Sharia Commercial Bank customer number 218. The method of analysis used is the analysis of verification. The results found that overall integrated marketing communications, customer relationship management performance and positive effect on the brand image of the customer equity of Islamic Banks in Greater Jakarta. The main pathway is correlated with the integrated marketing communications, performance of customer relationship management, and the affect of brand image before then to impact on customer equity. Influence of these three variables simultaneously on customer equity is significant. The number of the indirect effect of integrated marketing communication variables on customer equity is 1.44%, the number of the indirect effect of customer relationship management performance variables to customer equity was 1.69%, and the influence of brand image variables directly to the customer's equity amounted to 56.25 %. Furthermore, integrated marketing communications, customer relationship management performance, and contribute to the brand image of 0.95 or 95% of the customer equity of Sharia Commercial Bank customers. This model is very important for Islamic Banks to formulate an integrated marketing communications strategy, customer relationship management program, as well as efforts to build brand image, so that Islamic Commercial Bank can increase the strength of the equity its customers through client retention, with motives religiosity and achievement of Falah / purpose in life eventually become the favored bank customer.

Keywords: Communication, Relationship Management, Brand Image, Customer Equity 

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 31 x


This paper reviews the literature about green marketing and sustainable development

emphasizing on the strategy of green marketing for environment issue faced by the

world these days. This review shows that individual and organization behaviour

factor may achieve benefit from green marketing strategy and on the same time

protect the environment to reach sustainable development. Environment-preservation based marketing is a new way of marketing that becomes a potential and strategic

opportunity that has multi-profit (multiplier effect), not only to the business

practitioners, but also to the community as the users. Organization identity is a

motivator that influence the behaviour of an individual in an organization. The

element of environment leadership can be considered as a symbol of the organization

identity in relation with the environmental issues because it is a dynamic process

where a leader of an organization can influence the interpretation of the environment

issues. The leader is responsible to create work ethos through creating the strategy of

vision and mission with environmental concept. In the end, the green marketing

strategy can improve the company performance, personal reward, better physical

environment and sustainable development.


Keywords: green marketing, sustainable development

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 30 x

Developing Brand Image Through Performance Of Integrated Marketing Communications

Islamic Commercial Banks are suspected of being unable to achieve a customer retention, which is caused by being unable to offer products in accordance with the purpose of life and unable to create a religious motive. This is the believed as the impact of the under-developed positive brand image on the sides of the reputation and emotional branding. The performance of integrated marketing communication has not been able to translate the appeal of the message honestly and transparently. The Performance of customer relationship management has not been able to establish intimacy with the customers by silahturrahim. It is assumed that not only human resources don’t have influential ability to sell the products, but also the availability of the information technology is still unreliable. Therefore, this study is aimed to obtain a study on the influence of integrated marketing communications performance and relationship management on the achievement of customer equity in Islamic Commercial Banks in Jabodetabek through brand image. This research is descriptive and verification study and the method of research is explanatory survey method on 218 customers in iB mudharabah savings in Islamic Commercial Bank branches in Jabodetabek. The data gathering employs observation, interviews, and questionnaires. The data processes use frequency distributions, interval score and SEM. The results of the research indicate that the customer equity can be achieved by the performance of integrated marketing communications and customer relationship management through developing brand image. It was also found that the performance of integrated marketing communications has stronger influence on the customer equity than performance of customer relationship management does. Therefore, the management of Islamic Commercial Banks needs to improve its ability in relationship management so that the management can use and manage silahturrahim relations, human resources and technology as the strengths to create attraction, and ultimately the bank may become increasingly customer-preferred.


Marketing Communications, Relationship Management, Brand Image, Customers

Equity, and Islamic Commercial Banks

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 30 x



The existence of customer loyalty is believed to reduce of marketing cost, because the existing customers have not switch to another brand or dealer. The process to find new customers is relatively more difficult and requires more expensive costs when compared to retain existing customers. Thus retain existing customers as a whole can improve the profitability of the company. The purpose of this study was to find out how to influence customer satisfaction and trust to increase customer loyalty Auto 2000 in Depok. This research method using descriptive and verification method by taking a sample of 200 customers using statistical analysis Structural Equation Model (SEM). Based on the results of the analysis indicate that customer loyalty Auto 2000 is affected by the level of customer satisfaction. The results showed levels of satisfaction effect on customer loyalty. While the indicators examined the attributes of products and services is an important part in achieving customer satisfaction. Customer loyalty is influenced by the level of customer trust in the Auto 2000 automotive service. Satisfaction and trust customer of Auto 2000 to create variety of services establish a positive power in the long-term customer loyalty. Thus the customer loyalty of Auto 2000 can be maintained throughout able to achieve satisfaction and trustworthy of customer.

Keywords: cutomer satisfaction, trust, customer loyalty 

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 33 x

Developing Customer Equity Through Brand Image of Islamic Banking

In its development, Sharia Commercial bank is presumed of not being able to give comfort to make the customers be faithful in using Sharia Commercial Bank in their whole life. It indicates that Sharia Commercial Bank has not been able to reach a powerful customer equity. The objective of this research is to collect data and information as well as to analyze how the development of brand image can reach the equity of the customers of Sharia Commercial Bank in Jabodetabek regions. This is a descriptive research on the customers’ iB mudharaba accounts in Sharia Commercial bank in Jabodetabek.  Sharia Commercial Bank has not been able to build a positive brand image on the reputation and brand emotion. Customer equity obtained by the bank is not superior enough to offer product that can create retention which meets the life goals and it also can not create customer religious motive.

Key words: customer equity, brand image, Islamic banking

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 29 x

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