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Environmental Pollution and Global Climate Change: A Strategic Deterrence Business and Social Problem

"> Abstract: Global environmental pollution causes of global climate change would lead to occurrence of business
and social problems. Environmental conditions damag ed a cause of diseases, labor sickness and low
productivity would lead low business profitability. These would cause severe employees termination and
unemployment. The unemployment would cause social p roblem and society’s decline purchasing power a big
loss of business opportunity. The research was usin g library research method and historical content an alysis.
Keywords: Pollution, climate change, diseases, business and s ocial problem
JEL Classification: M400, Q500

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 29 x

War: The Strategic Need for Business and Economy.

territory, property, casualties, victMost of the wars in the world were done for reasons of competition power, political
interest, seizure of territory, economic and business interests. Mastery of the wider region
to obtain natural resources in the region more and more have been enriching economic
actors and winner of the war. The number of casualties and material were deemed
appropriate sacrifices incurred to obtain wealth and glory. The historical data and
literature review used in this study as the basis of qualitative content analysis method.
Большинство войн в мире было сделаны по соображениям конкуренции во
власти, политических интересов, захват территории, экономических и бизнес
интересов. Мастерство в более широком регионе, чтобы получить природные
ресурсы в регионе все больше и больше были обогащения экономических субъектов и
победителя в войне. Число жертв и материалов были признаны соответствующие
жертвы, понесенные для получения богатства и славы. В данном исследований
рассматриваются исторические аспекты и обзор литературы в основе метода
качественного анализа содержимого.
Keywords: war, politics, power,

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 38 x

The Imbalance of Trade Among Countries In the World Nowadays.

st: auto; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0It was the custom of collusion between officials of the State with local and foreign traders to seek
personal gain and their allies in the territory of the poor. State officials make laws that provide the
opportunity for foreign traders to be able to lend money to the poor state of local merchants to give in
exchange for commission. These conditions cause inflation vulnerable because consumptive lifestyle of the
community, global competitiveness is weak because it does not have a culture of hard work, creative, and
efficient industry.
Key words: conspiracy, credit, inflation, global competition.
Interactiunea dintre funcţionarii statului cu comercianţii locali şi străini consta în cautarea unei
posibilităţi de câştig personal. Societatea însa nu este destul de solvabila şi aliaţii lor pe teritoriul celor
săraci. Functionarii de stat fac legi care prevăd posibilitatea ca comercianţii străini să poată împrumuta
bani pentru starea proastă ca comercianţii locali să dea în schimb comision. Aceste condiţii provoacă
inflaţie vulnerabilă din cauza stilului de viaţă consumptivă a comunităţii, competitivitatea globală este
slabă, deoarece nu are o cultură de muncă grea de creaţie şi industrie eficientă.
Cuvinte cheie: conspiraţie, credit, inflaţie, concurenţă globală.

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 28 x


Abstract: Discipline of human resource management is the responsibility of overall management. Discipline is driven by
corporate managers, encouraging discipline functions to the maximum human resource management; discipline is the key
realization of high performance employees to increase production and sales as well as larger corporate profits as the
company's main goal. Employee discipline, awareness and willingness to perform various duties with both the financial
profitability of the company could result in a profitable enterprise.
Keywords: Discipline, personnel performance, profit, manager directions

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 28 x

Developing Countries: A Predicament of Trading or Industrial State and Its Risks

Developing countries are facing the dilemma of choosing developed into a trading State versus industrial State. Industrial countries may be even tougher than being a trading state in terms of activities of imported goods, exported goods. Become an industrial State requires mastery of high technology industry and a large capital to create machinery industry. Not necessarily the developed countries are willing to provide assistance for technology transfer without political and economic compensation. Being a trading state is an easier option because it requires effort to call foreign capital only to invest in developing countries and is expected to mutually beneficial trade, normally would always tend to favor developed country trading partners.

Keywords: Trading state, Industrial state, developing countries, debts, imported goods, exported goods, Technological exchange, political compensation, economical compensation, creative culture

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 26 x

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