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SimPATI card has become the market leader in cellular card service; however it has not

completely bolster the purchase intention since there are many choices of cellular cards with

various interesting offers. It is assumed that the positive brand image has not been developed

so that there is no longer single loyalty in the use of cellular phone service. Generally, the users

of telecommunication use more than one card because of techno product performance from the

quality side of the network and fare setting/adjustment with different benefits. Therefore, the

objective of this study is to know the influence of techno product performance and fare interest

to the purchase interest reinforcement through brand image of SimPATIcard in Tangerang,

Indonesia. This study is descriptive verificative with explanatory research method. The result of

the research shows that brand image and fare are the important factors to consumers in

reinforcing the interest to purchase SimPATI card in determining the marketing strategy of

cellular card product so the purchase intention through the insurance of the consumer to keep

subscribing, prolong the duration and usage frequency in using the SimPATI card is getting


Keywords: Techno product, fare, brand image, purchase intention, consumer behavior

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 240 x


failure in business is a valuable experience so that Coffee Toffee must be able to maintain its

customer equity to make Coffee Toffee as one of the biggest and the best coffee shop in Indonesia.

This study is to acknowledge the influence of product quality and service quality as a whole and

partially on the customer equity. The analysis methods used in this study are statistic descriptive

and verificative. Multiple Regression Test uses the assistance of SPSS version 2.0 program. The

results of this study show that both product quality and service quality influence the customer

equity since product and service quality are important factors to buildcustomer equity in culinary

business. Product quality influences positively and significantly on the customer equity since

product quality from customer reaction is qualified but the service quality does not significantly

influence the customer equity because Coffee Toffee stand uses self service concept so that the

communication level between customers and employees is low.

Keywords: Product Quality, Service Quality, Customer Equity

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 314 x

Green Marketing: A Study of the Factors Influencing the Repurchase Decision for Javanony Herbal Products

The green consumer movement is a reflection of people’s concern about the environment and has given rise to the green market. Companies that want to survive in this market must be able to apply a green label to all aspects of their business. This research aims to understand the influence of attitude, perceived value, and perceived price among customers on the decision to repurchase Javanony herbal products. The sampling technique in this study is purposive sampling. This study concludes that the attitude of customers who already have an understanding of green products is not completely supported by the company in applying green marketing to create higher value for its customers. Consumers are ready to pay for the extra value, will pay a premium price, and will repurchase only if they perceive extra value in the green product.

Keywords: consumer attitude, perceived value and perceived price, repurchase

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 206 x

Dampak Penerapan tata Kelola Perusahaan yang Baik Terhadap Kinerja Bank Umum Syariah

Implementation of Good Corporate Governance in Islamic banking institutions play a role as a pioneer in the GCG enforcement in banking institutions.The emergence of sharia bankers, instead of conventional ones, as pioners in the enforcement of GCG is due to the difference in the governing problems between Islamic banking and conventional one. First, Islamic banks have an obligation to comply with Islamic principles (Sharia compliance) in business. Therefore, the Sharia Supervisory Board (SSB) plays an important role in the governance structures of Islamic banking. Second, because the potential for information asymmetry is very high for the Islamic banking industry, the problem of agency theory is highly relevant. It is related to the issues of accountability and transparency in the use of customer funds and shareholders. Hence, the problem of representation of investment account holders in good corporate governance mechanisms has become strategic issue which must also receive the attention of Islamic bank. Third, from the perspective of corporate culture, Islamic banking should transform a culture in which the values of Islamic business ethics becomes inherent in the practice of Islamic banking business.

This research will be known whether the strategy formulation and organizational commitment are factors identifies the implementation of good corporate governance and whether GCG has impact on the performance of Islamic Banks. Formulation of the strategy applied in the management of Islamic Commercial Bank the affect implementation of good corporate governance in Islamic Commercial Bank with the loading factor of 2.54. Organizational commitment applied in the management of Islamic Commercial Bank significantly influences good corporate governance in Islamic Commercial Bank with the loading factor of 5.26. Leadership style applied in the management of Islamic Commercial Bank significantly influences on the performance of Islamic Commercial Bank with the factor loading factor of 2.01. Good corporate governance in Islamic Commercial Bank affects the performance of Islamic Commercial Bank with the loading factor of 2.61.

Keywords: good corporate governance, Islamic banking performance

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 58 x


The aim of the research is to investigate the effect of tax aggressive behaviour toward the cost of equity, using moderating by family ownership. Examination was conducted for manufacturing firms in Indonesia Stock Exchange for period 2010-2013, there were 224 company-year sample. The analytical method used is fixed panel analysis. Results of study suggest that tax avoidance have negative influence on cost of equity. This result is in contrast to results of previous studies. The results of this study explained that the measurement of tax avoidance which showed aggressive tax behavior based on discretionary on book tax difference (BTD). Discretionary on BTD is regarded as earnings management in taxes or a tax planning so it is seen as a positive by the shareholders. Moderation family ownership on tax avoidance in the relationship with the cost of equity shows positive results. These results show that family ownership tend to behave taxes aggressively and it is viewed negatively by shareholders for management raises their rent extraction.

Penulis : INDAH MASRI, S.E., M.S.Ak [PDF File] didownload : 177 x

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