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The rapid growth of urban areas and inadequate public transport facilities are one cause of growing number of users of private vehicles which leads to decreased level of servise (LOS) road in Jakarta.  One of problem faced by urban communities is growing volume of traffic, travel delays, congestion, traffic accidents and air pollution and noise. Growing demand for urban transportation infrastructure necessary treatment development programe planned urban road network effective and efficie and continuously.  The purpose of this research is to analize and study the congestion problem in Simpang Mampang and Kuningan, impact on traffic caused by Mampang and Kuningan Underpass Development Project. The result obtained from the primary data and secondary data are analized and evaluated among other, the degree of saturation is the ratio of the flow of traffic on the capacity of the road, used as a factor in determining the performance level of  this road means road is problematic with a capacity that is often jammed, waiting time for too long, low speed and low travel time for a distance that not too long, so taken a decision to build Mampang and Kuningan Underpass that aims to parse congestion at both intersection.



Keywords: Congestion, Engineering Management of Traffic, Travel Time, 


                       Underpass, Construction Period. 

Penulis : AR INDRA TJAHJANI , Dr.Ir. - M.T. [PDF File] didownload : 15 x

Nano silica and silica fume for durability improvement and it's impact on high performance concrete

The latest trend of concrete technology declared that concrete is not only needs strength but also durability. it is concurrently with the environmental issues that material durability is something that needs to be prioritized in its use. Various attemps have  been made to produce concrete that has high durability. Many studies and experiments have been done partly by using admixtures of fly ash and silica fume (FS). The latest development was the application of nano silica (NS) to improve the performance of concrete especially its durability. in this study, further experiments were done by using admixtures of nano silica with and without silica fume. the additive were applied to the concrete mix design of high performance concrete (HPC) with f'c 100 MPa as a reference, then mixed with NS in a percentage of 3%, 5%, 110%, 15% with and without silica fume. Further compressive strength  and durability testing were done with a standard DIN 1045 and RCPT standard ASTM C 1202. The experiment results shown that the optimum admixtures proportion were the application of NS 5% and SF 5% which given the best of concrete compressive strength and durability. Furthermore the combination of the use of nano silica with silica fume is more effective than nano silica without silica fume.

Keywords: durability, silica fume, nano silica

Penulis : AR INDRA TJAHJANI , Dr.Ir. - M.T. [PDF File] didownload : 8