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Publikasi Penelitian Dosen

In Vitro and In Vivo Antiplasmodial Activities of Garcinia Parvifolia (MIQ) MIQ Leaves From Indonesia

The objective of this research is to determine in vitro and in vivo antiplasmodial activities of G. parvifolia(Miq) Miqleaves. Methods: in vitro antiplasmodial test by microscopic and Malaria SYBR Green Ibased Fluorescence (MSF) assay is indicated by the value of IC50; meanwhile, in vivo antiplasmodial assay used suppression method for 4 hours in P.berghei-infected mice. Leaves of G. parvifolia(Miq)Miq were extracted by means of chloroform and methanol solvent, and then the anti-plasmodium activity is tested in vitro by means of microscopic and Malaria SYBR Green I-based Fluorescence (MSF) methods. Results: In microscopic method, the value of IC50 was obtained from chloroform extract i.e. 33.17 µg/mL in D6 strain and 0.55 µg/mL in W2 strain. In Malaria SYBR Green I-based Fluorescence (MSF) method, the IC50 value was obtained from methanol extract i.e. 48.00µg/mL in D6 strain and 56.37µg/mL in W2 strain. In vivo assay found that chloroform extract had an ED50 value of 156.22mg/kgBW, stronger than that of methanol extract with an ED50 value of 412.92mg/kgBW. Conclusions: The study concludes that chloroform and methanol extracts of G. parvifolia(Miq) Miq leaves have anti-plasmodium activity against P. falcifarum culture of D6 strain, W2 strain on microscopic and Malaria SYBR Green I-based Fluorescence (MSF) methods just like in vivo assay in P. berghei-infected mice does. The assay found that chloroform extract has stronger anti-plasmodial activity than methanol extract. Keywords: G. parvifolia (Miq)Miq leaves, in vivo antiplasmodial activity, in vitro antiplasmodial activity

Penulis : ROS SUMARNY , Prof. Dr., MS, Apt [PDF File] didownload : 102 x

Rancang Bangun Teknologi Modified Atmosphere Storage (MAS) dengan Kapasitas 4,77 m3

Healthy life style based on the principle of minimally processing food, has been implemented by the people, in order to increase their health. Minimally processing application is to slow down the decay rate at the storage room. Minimally processing is consists of Controlled Atmosphere Storage (CAS), Modified Atmosphere Storage (MAS), Freeze Drying, and Blanching. MAS are storage method by modifying the oxygen level in the storage room. An example of MAS application in fruit is banana, due to its advantage as the all session fruit yet having such a short life time. Venture sparger is the main component in MAS, which has a function as gas injector. MAS embodiment is using Ulrich and Eppinger design method, and manufacturing of MAS components.  The manufacturing cost estimation of MAS is using Design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA). The purpose of this research is MAS prototype able to modified the oxygen level in the storage room below 10%, by injecting carbon dioxides. Carbon dioxides are injected by sparger with a set debit at 5 liters per minute. The experimental results shown that MAS able to modified the oxygen level to 8.5% within 24 hours and the banana in MAS has 5.3% glucose level, while the maturity level of banana is above 10%. 

Keywords: Design, Sparger, Preservation, Fruit, MAS 

Penulis : Agri Suwandi, Dr., S.T., M.T. [PDF File] didownload : 139 x

“A” New Museum of Indonesian Batik: An Architecture of “Showing off”


The paper will focus on the effect of “Visit Museum Years 2010-2014” project of Indonesia by revitalization and built a new museum. The museum of Indonesian Batik is a new museum the winner of Ministry of Education and Culture’ s Museum Design Competition. Situated in a cultural heritage museum collection, this architectural research project as a multiple-discipline related to museum design improvement. Design drawing of a new museum practices represented a museum building as a national prestigious project. This paper examines how this museum partnership expands the traditional ways in which non- architectural museums display, present and provide by collaboration between Historian, Architect, Museology, Designer, and Batik Collector with the Ministry of Education and Culture to aimed a Term of Reference of Museum Design’s Competition by inserting a museum storyline of Indonesian Batik into a contemporary architecture. The storyline was described the process of batik making, the period of batik, a hall of fame and a visible museum storage. The new museum is also described how contemporary architecture as a container ‘form’ of batik as a cultural heritage can provide a spatial experience such as well as Architecture-Event theories of French philosopher Jacques Derrida.

Keywords: Architecture-Event, ‘Form’, Indonesian Batik, Storyline, Visible Museum Storage

Penulis : YUKE ARDHIATI, Dr, Ir, MT [PDF File] didownload : 98 x

“A” New Museum of Indonesian Batik: An Architecture of “Showing off”


For the “A” New Museum of Indonesian Batik, Ivan Saputra was the architect winner of the Museum Design Competition in 2013. Preparation for the competition required architectural design guidelines, which were an important part of the terms of reference for the project. This paper aims to provide an overview of the issues surrounding the work involved in the collaboration work between the Indonesian government and multi-disciplinary participants to establish museum design guidelines for this competition. By articulating and elaborating the characteristics of several famous museums design in the world, by defining relevant architectural theories, and by exploring an in-depth analysis of “batik”, which UNESCO designated as Intangible Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO in 2009, the architectural design guidelines were developed based onfindings revealedby inserting “batik” itself as the museum storyline into contemporary architecture. By referring to trans-disciplinary methods and concepts, then the process of batik making is potentially a kind of architectural “showing off” to expose the uniqueness of Indonesian batik as well as the Architecture-Event theory promoted by French philosopher Jacques Derrida.

Key words: Architecture-event, architectural guidelines, Indonesian batik, museum storyline, “showing off”.

Penulis : YUKE ARDHIATI, Dr, Ir, MT [PDF File] didownload : 11 x


The purpose of this research was to measure the effect of exchange rate volatility on the companies’ profit in food and beverages sub sector with revenue and expenses as an intervening. The analysis technique used in this research was regression and path analysis.  The financial statement and middle exchange rate of first quarter of 2012 to 2015 third quarter IDX and BI  secondary data was incorporated in the research. These research result showed that the exchange rate volatility may affect companies’ profit in food and beverages sub sector either directly or indirectly.

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 461 x

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