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Publikasi Penelitian Dosen

How could management of Borobudur World Heritage Site be enhanced for improving tourism impact for the community? : A preliminary comparison with Angkor World Heritage Site

This study attempts to find ways on how to enhance the management of Borobudur Temple Compound WHS (hereafter Borobudur WHS) for the benefit of the local communities by comparative analysis. The study applied the “lens” or “keyhole” comparison in which for viewing the main case (Borobudur), the minor case (Angkor WHS) is chosen. The two sites actually face similar issues: uneven distribution of tourism benefits among different social groups and different economic activities; low linkages between tourism and rural economy; and limited poverty reducing effects. However, learning from Angkor’s experience, a single authority management system can execute sustainable development programs for the surrounding rural areas more effectively. The study suggests that having a single authority management in the temple vicinity, the recreation park, and the immediate buffer zone would improve coordination to tackle those local issues in Borobudur. Then again, if the current organizations are to be kept, inter-organisational collaboration is worth addressing.


Keywords: Borobudur, Angkor, World Heritage Sites management

Penulis : DEVI ROZA K. KAUSAR, Ph.D. [PDF File] didownload : 155 x

Socio-economic Impacts of Heritage Tourism on Its Locality: A Case Study of Borobudur Temple Compounds World Heritage Site, Central Java

The main objective of this article are to explain the socio-economic impacts of heritage tourism on rural Borobudur and to discuss them in view of the management or the governing process of the World Heritage Site (WHS) and its locality. This study finds that the tourism related sectors had contributed quite significantly to the Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) in the district level, stimulated the development of infrastructure, and provided business opportunities. However, it also finds that there have been limited positive impacts for the majority of local people. Tourism has not encouraged growth in the agricultural sector which is still the main sector in the local economy. The impact on employment has been most significant in the informal sector characterized with low and unstable income. Tourism has had only limited success in stimulating the development of other sectors in the rural economy. Developing other tourism potentials and establishing better linkages between tourism and other sectors in the rural economy are possible ways to obtain greater benefits from tourism. All of these require improved concerted efforts between organizations involved in the management system of the heritage site. However, this study also finds institutional problems such as lack of planning mechanisms, difficulties in coordination and lack of legal framework that prevent the management system from working together to address the issues.

Penulis : DEVI ROZA K. KAUSAR, Ph.D. [PDF File] didownload : 54 x

Peningkatan Efisiensi Kerja di Line 3 Blackpoly Take pada PT. X

Proses produksi harus dipandang sebagai suatu perbaikan terus menerus, dimulai dari ide-ide untuk menghasilkan produk, pengembangan produk, proses produksi, sampai distribusi kepada konsumen. PT. X merupakan perusahaan manufaktur yang bergerak dalam bidang industri elektronik yaitu pembuatan alat musik piano. Pada Line 3 Black Poly Take, kondisi aktual bulan Agustus 2010 terdiri dari 6 pos kerja proses produksi untuk part Side Board CLP 330 PE yang merupakan salah satu model side board yang diproduksi di line 3 dengan nilai effisiensi lini rata-rata 74,74% dan cycle time net 785,75 detik. Kondisi aktual line 3 pada bulan tersebut belum efisien karena adanya ketidakseimbangan beban kerja di masing-masing pos kerja yang menimbulkan bottle neck, dimana terdapat pos kerja yang memiliki beban kerja tinggi dan ada pos kerja yang memiliki idle time  sehingga menimbulkan inefisiensi dalam hal waktu dan penggunaan orang. Untuk mengurangi biaya produksi, PT. X harus melakukan perbaikan pada Line 3 dengan Side Board CLP 330 PE sebagai objek aktivitas perbaikan. Hasil perbaikan berupa turunnya total waktu siklus proses dari 785.75 detik menjadi 720.66 detik dan jumlah stasiun kerja menjadi 5 Stasiun Kerja. PT. X berhasil meningkatkan effisiensi kerja di Line 3 pada part Side Board CLP 330 PE dari 74.74% menjadi 86.89%.


Kata Kunci  : Stasiun Kerja, Efisiensi Lini, Ketidakseimbangan Beban Kerja, Aktivitas Perbaikan

Penulis : YULITA VERANDA USMAN, SST., MP. [PDF File] didownload : 103 x

Internalizing Industry as an Integral Part of University’s Laboratory to Solve Real and Actual Problems in Industry

Many universities in Indonesia, especially engineering faculties, become quite difficult to provide their activities in learning or researching with appropriate facilities. One of the ways to sovle its problems is making collaboration with industry. The concept of this collaboration is to internalize industry with its resources,as much as we can be collaborated, becoming an intergral  part of university as filed laboratory. This collaboration is not just for (formal-limited) research but will be intgrated with the university curriculum and focused on the products, processes, systems and problems of industry over time. Both parties togather have to identify and determine what subject that match and may use industry as a laboratory based on their needs and resources to create the convenience and worthwhile collaboration’s programs. They will share their resources. To minimize conflicts, all actions that will be done, must be written down on a Memorandum of Understanding. On eventually University’s community have real laboratory to sharpen and develop their knowledge, skill and ability meanwhile industry will get solution of its real and actual problems. This kind of collaboration is more fitted for and effective to industrial engineering department.

Penulis : YULITA VERANDA USMAN, SST., MP. [PDF File] didownload : 60 x

Aldose Reductase and -Glycosidase Inhibition Activities of Active Fraction of Leucaena leucocephala (lmk) De Wit Seeds

The fraction of methanolic extract of Leucaena leucocephala (lmk) De Wit seeds was found to showed inhibitory activities on a-glucosidase and aldose reductase, respectively. The assays of aldose reductase and a-glycosidase inhibition activities were conducted in in vitro way on the subfractions isolated from the methanol extract of Leucaena leucocephala (lmk) De Wit. This work shows that one of the active subfractions (I-5) can inhibit aldose reductase and a-glycosidase enzyms, with the IC50 of 12.56 ± 1.23 μg/mL dan 7.67 ± 1.32 μg/mL. These IC50 values of I-5 are on par with acarbose.


Keywords : Aldose reductase, a-Glycosidase, Leucaena leucocephala (lmk) De Wit seeds, Diabetes mellitus.



Penulis : ROS SUMARNY , Prof. Dr., MS, Apt [PDF File] didownload : 57 x

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