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Publikasi Penelitian Dosen

The Anti-Proliferation Assay of Bioactive Fraction from curcuma zedoaria Rhizome



This study was aimed to investigate the anti-proliferation activity of the bioactive fraction from Curcuma zedoaria. The dried powder of Curcuma zedoaria rhizome was extracted using continuous maceration method with n-hexane, ethyl acetate and methanol 50%, respectively. Brine Shrimp Lethality Test (BSLT) has been used as a preliminary test for screening the antiproliferation activity of three extracts. Ethyl acetate extract showed the highest  activity  of all and it became the subject for fractionation using column chromatography with silica gel GF as stationary phase and the combination of n-hexane:ethyl acetate in various gradient concentration as mobile phase. The fractionation process produced five fractions, namely fraction A, B, C, D and E. The anti-proliferation assay of the resulted fractions was determined with tumor cell lines of HeLa, K562 and WEHI 164. The study found that fraction C (15 ppm) could inhibit the proliferation of HeLa cells by 32%, K562 cells by 55% and WEHI cells by 49%.


Key words: Curcuma zedoaria,  bioactive fraction,  anti-proliferation

Penulis : ROS SUMARNY , Prof. Dr., MS, Apt [PDF File] didownload : 91 x

Simultaneous Determination of Caffeine and Nicotinamide in Energy Drinks by First-Order Derivative Spectrophotometry

A simple analytical method is described for the simultaneous determination of caffeine  and nicotinamide in powder form of energy drinks. The first-order derivative UV-spectrophotometry was employed using water as solvent, the zero-crossing wavelengths were found at 273 and 261 nm for caffeine and nicotinamide, respectively. The calibration graphs were rectilinear up to 25.4 mg/mL and the relative standard deviations values were lower to 1.7 %  for both analytes. The limits of detection were 0.669 mg/mL caffeine and 0.550 mg/mL nicotinamide, respectively with recovery values of 93.44 to 104.65% for caffeine and 88.89 to 104.26% for nicotinamide.

Penulis : LILIEK NURHIDAYATI , M.Si [PDF File] didownload : 114 x


This research was conducted with the aim to identify and prove the effect of simultaneous and partial characteristics of the preparation of the budget that includes: contribution to the control environment, risk assessment, control activities, information and communication, monitoring in determining the scope of audit. Design used in this study is a survey method, survey methods included descriptive research. This study aims to describe and test the hypothesis of a causal relationship between independent variables and dependent variables, either simultaneously or partially. The results showed that: (a) Elements of the internal control structure that consists of the control environment, risk assessment, control activities, information and communication, monitoring of this joint has a contribution in determining the scope of the audit; (b) The elements of internal control consists of the control environment, risk assessment, as well as information and communication, individually marked regression coefficient is negative or has a negative relationship. The relationship between the internal control structure with the scope of the audit means that if the internal control structure that consists of the control environment, risk assessment, as well as information and communication in effective business units will not produce a broad scope of the audit.

Keywords: internal control structure, scope of audit.

Penulis : TRI WIDYASTUTI, Prof.Dr. SE,MM,Ak,CA [PDF File] didownload : 52 x


The objective of the research is to get the empirical data and to determine the influence or uninfluence of role conflict, role ambiguity and role overload toward auditor’s performance. The research was applied in 57 respondents. The result of the study concluded as follows: First, Role Conflict, Role Ambiguity and Role Overload do significantly affect auditor’s performance at Inspectorate General Ministry of National Education. Second, partially Role Conflict does not affect auditor’s performance in another term an auditor’s performance is not determined by the condition or conflict that may occur. In addition , partially there is negative determination of role ambiguity toward auditor’s performance. It shown that lack of role ambiguity of an auditor will show a better audit performance.  The last, Role over load partially negative affect auditor’s performance. Auditor may perform his assignment without having a lot of pressure to finish the works in limited time, the demands of a high standard work, in result they can perform assignments in accordance with its capacity and capability.

Keywords: conflict, ambiguity, overload, auditor`s performance.

Penulis : TRI WIDYASTUTI, Prof.Dr. SE,MM,Ak,CA [PDF File] didownload : 83 x

Pengaruh CAR, NIM dan LDR terhadap ROA Pada Perusahaan Perbankan

The objective of this research is to identify the influence of CAR, NIM, and LDR on ROA of the banking companies listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (ISX) over 2004-2008. Methodology in this research is the predictive combined with quantities method using Multiple Regression analysis (multiple regression). This model is a statistical analysis tool used to describe the influence of independent variables to the variables bound together (simultaneously). From the results of this research it can be concluded that the ratio of financial performance in the CAR and NIM banking company in fact has a positive and significant impact on ROA. While LDR has a significant negative impact on ROA in the banking business. (1) The higher the CAR and NIM banking, it will cause an increase in ROA in the banking company; (2) The higher the LDR banking, it will cause a decrease in ROA in the banking company. In general, the influence of these three independent variables on ROA in the banking company for 66.7% and included in the category of being.

Keywords: CAR, NIM, LDR and ROA.

Penulis : TRI WIDYASTUTI, Prof.Dr. SE,MM,Ak,CA [PDF File] didownload : 101 x

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