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Publikasi Penelitian Dosen

Impact of macrocell size on the implementation of LTE femto integrated with GSM Network

Abstract  –  In  this  study  we  investigate  the  impact  of  macrocell  size  on  the  implementation  LTE  femto Integrated with GSM network since the coexistence network strongly depends on deployment condition, for instance, macrocell size. In the previous study related to the coexistence network, LTE femto are deployed in GSM macrocell. The LTE femto itself operates in GSM band under certain frequency allocati on scheme as a means of facilitating smooth transition toward LTE on GSM frequency band. Nevertheless, it does not provide a solution about the impact of macrocell size yet. Uplink of GSM is considered in this study. The performance  of  both  systems  are  analyzed  mathematically  in  terms  of  SINR  and  femtocell  throughput. Simulation is employed to support analysis which the result shows that macrocell size will give an impact to the performance of the coexistence system. Parallel to this, the expanding of macro cell size will decrease SINR GSM BS, in spite of that, it will increase SINR LTE femto and femtocell throughput as well. For that reason, the implementation of LTE femto integrated with GSM network can be influenced by macrocell size

Keywords : GSM Macro; LTE femto; Macrocell size.

Penulis : M. YASER, ST., MT [PDF File] didownload : 502 x

An Investigating on the Purchase Intention: Developing Dealers Reputation through Customer Trust and Service Quality


Demand for automotive products in Indonesian market is quite high, being one of the reasons why automotive companies have sprung up in Indonesia and presented more competitive products and services. However, for a company as a dealer, there is a question whether it is able to raise consumer confidence by providing service quality aimed at encouraging customers to increase their purchase intention with after-purchase services. Another question is whether the company can develop a positive reputation as a dealer who gives confidence and the best service. This research was conducted through a questionnaire distributed to 250 subscribers of Prima Honda Dealer in Jakarta. The research method is descriptive verification and data processing is using SEM. The results show that the company is able to develop the intermediary’s reputation through customer confidence and service quality provided to customers. In addition, the company is able to establish the trust and service quality which affect purchase intention through the development of positive intermediary’s reputation. Purchase intention through after-sales service is gained by customers through regular service maintenance in accordance with standards, the ability of its top engineers, professional Service Advisor, corrective settlement which is in accordance with the specified time, and reliable equipment.

Keywords: trust, service quality, reputation, purchase intention. 

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 252 x

How to Build A Green Banking Image: An Effort to Establish The Citizenship Behavior and Environmental Organizational Culture

Purpose – Companies need some efforts to establish organizational citizenship behavior and also enter green concepts in ethical philosophy into the culture of the organization. However, for banks, it is not easy because the service performance is formed by the characters of the employees. The study aims and reveals the fact on how far the behavior of citizenship and cultural organizations can establish an environmentally friendly green image and an impact

on banking competitive advantage.

Design/methodology/approach – This study is conducted by a survey to the company

employees engaged in banking industry. The sample is determined by purposive sampling as many as 114 employees of banks in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Equation Modeling (SEM) is used to evaluate the hypotheses regarding relationships among model constructs.

Findings – In banking industry, citizenship behavior and organizational culture influence the development of environmentally friendly green corporate image but the green competitive advantages have no direct influence. Citizenship behavior and organizational culture affect the environmentally friendly green competitive advantage through forming a green corporate image.

Research limitations/implications – This research is conducted in a limited area so findings are less generalized.

Practical implications – Companies engaged in banking industry can shape the citizenship behavior by cooperation, mutual help, giving advice, active participation, and extra services as well as the use of effective working time. The green culture within the organization can be established with the organization's commitment to the environment.

Social implications – The image of banking industry will be formed as a company that is committed to applying the principles of sustainable development and improving the ability to manage risks that have impact on the environment. This image will encourage the company to become the prime mover of growth in the green environment which will make a green economy based initiatives. Thus it would potentially create new economic growth and new jobs, and reduce poverty.

Originality/value – The results of this study can be applied in industry-based environment, in terms of internal efforts that shape the behavior of citizenship and cultural organizations with environmental and external efforts to green corporate image development that will have an impact on the corporate advantage in competition.

Keywords – Corporate image, citizenship behavior, organizational culture, competitive advantage.

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 238 x


SimPATI card has become the market leader in cellular card service, however it has not completely bolster the purchase intention since there are many choices of cellular cards with various interesting offers. It is assumed that the positive brand image has not been developed so that there is no longer single loyalty in the use of cellular phone service. Generally, the users of telecommunication use more than one card because of techno product performance from the quality side of the network and fare setting/adjustment with different benefits. Therefore, the objective of this study is to know the influence of techno product performance and fare interest to the purchase interest reinforcement through brand image of SimPATIcard in Tangerang, Indonesia. This study is descriptive verificative with explanatory research method. The result of the research shows that brand image and fare are the important factors to consumers in reinforcing the interest to purchase SimPATI card in determining the marketing strategy of cellular card product so the purchase intention through the insurance of the consumer to keep subscribing, prolong the duration and usage frequency in using the SimPATI card is getting stronger.

Keywords: Techno product, fare, brand image, purchase intention, consumer behavior

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 272 x



A failure in business is a valuable experience so that Coffee Toffee must be able to maintain its customer equity to make Coffee Toffee as one of the biggest and the best coffee shop in Indonesia. This study is to acknowledge the influence of product quality and service quality as a whole and partially on the customer equity. The analysis methods used in this study are statistic descriptive and verificative. Multiple Regression Test uses the assistance of SPSS version 2.0 program. The results of this study show that both product quality and service quality influence the customer equity since product and service quality are important factors to buildcustomer equity in culinary business. Product quality influences positively and significantly on the customer equity since product quality from customer reaction is qualified but the service quality does not significantly influence the customer equity because Coffee Toffee stand uses self service concept so that the communication level between customers and employees is low.

Keywords: Product Quality, Service Quality, Customer Equity.


Kegagalan bisnis merupakan pengalaman berharga, sehingga Coffee Toffee harus mampu mempertahankan ekuitas pelanggannya yang sangat penting dalam menjaga sustainability gerai Coffee Toffee, agar dapat menjadi salah satu Coffee Shop terbesar dan terbaik di Indonesia. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh kualitas produk dan kualitas layanan secara bersama-sama maupun parsial terhadap ekuitas pelanggan. Metode analisis yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah statistik deskriptif dan verifikatif. Uji Regresi Berganda menggunakan bantuan program SPSS versi 20. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa kualitas produk dan layanan secara bersama-sama berpengaruh terhadap ekuitas pelanggan, hal ini dikarenakan kualitas produk dan layanan bagi jasa kuliner merupakan faktor penting dalam membentuk ekuitas pelanggan. Kualitas produk berpengaruh positif dan signifikan terhadap ekuitas pelanggan, dikarenakan kualitas produk dari tanggapan pelanggan terbukti berkualitas namun kualitas layanan tidak berpengaruh signifikan terhadap ekuitas pelanggan, dikarenakan gerai Coffee Toffee menggunakan konsep self service sehingga sedikit tingkat komunikasi karyawan dengan pelanggan.

Kata kunci: Kualitas Produk, Kualitas Layanan, Ekuitas Pelanggan 

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 347 x

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