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Publikasi Penelitian Dosen

Perhitungan Proses Pemanasan dan Pendinginan pada Bejana Pencampur





Laode M. Firman, Erma Yuniaty, Endri Prasetyo

Jurusan Teknik Mesin Konsentrasi Mesin Energi FTI-UJ




One of application of vessel is for mixing vessel, As a mixer, the vessel is equipped with jacket and agitator, in this case the type of the jacket is conventional and agitator which is equipped with scrappers. The jacket is a media of heating and cooling, where use steam and chilled waler. And agitator is used for a mixer and expedite heat transfer. Product inside the vessel in this case is water temperature 28,3 oC and treated a heating by steam inlet temperature 133 oC and cooling with chilled water inlet temperature 15 oC. Chilled water is flowed to jacket which has area 5,155 m2 after heating and temperature of water is 80,5 oC. The testing result showed heating time required is 14 minutes and cooling 55 minutes. The calculation show Reynold number is go up when heating and go down when cooling because of affect from water viscosity change. The difference temperature between measured with inside surface of the vessel is 72 oC when heating and cooling 1,2 oC. The over all heat transfer coefficient of heating is 2398,4 W/m2 K and cooling 1170,3 W/m2 K.


Keywords: Heating, Cooling, Capacity

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Design Optimization of Flat-Plate Solar Collector Using Solar Energy For Agriculture Products in Libya




Abdeihafid S E Abuezreba, Budhi M.Suyitno, La Ode M.Firman

Department of Mechanical Engineering Pancasila University

J1. Srengseng Sawah, Lenteng Agung, Jakarta 12640, Indonesia





Due to environmental issues and the limited resources of fossil fuels, it has been taken more and more attention to renewable energy sources. Drying fruits and vegetables is one of those indispensable processes that require natural resources in the form of fuels. Solar dryer is fast becoming a preferred method of drying products considering the potential of saving signflcant amounts of conventional fuel. By raising the temperature while allowing air to pass through and get rid of the moisture. The study will involves a theoretical study to investigate the effect of air flow rate, air temperature and thermal resistance at surface by study the characteristics inside the flat plate solar collector of dryer system. The results of this research  can be used to determine the best performance of the system then will find the optimization solar drying system, hence research has a great economic potential for Libya as well as for the other developing countries in neighborly


Keywords: Single and double flow solar air heater; thermal performance; pressure

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Green Drying Chamber By Using Vibration Components, Heat Exchanger and Micro Hydro in Buton Island, Indonesia




La Ode Mohammad Firman

Pancasila University, Jakarta, Indonesia





The function of vibration is to smooth the flow of hot air into the agricultural commodities which was put on the drying trays, so during drying process the doors of green drying chamber were not necessarily to be opened. The vibration components were placed just below the drying trays and consist of electrical motor, spring, total mass and unbalance mass which was connected to the motor shaft. Usually drying chamber for agricultural commodities took electrical energy from government company to operate mean and infrastructure, for example: pump, blower, Fan and other components. Thats why drying process on drying chamber was depend on electrical energy from government. The Green drying chamber for this research will not take electrical energy from government company because Buton island has many rivers and water power in Buton river will be changed to electrical energy by using micro hydro power plant. The objective of this research is to perform analysis about vibration, heat transfer, water power and green drying chamber for sustainable water use and agricultural development at Buton island, Indonesia. This research uses analysis and experimental methods and cashew nuts as sample of agricultural commodity in the drying chamber, The total length of the green drying chamber is 4.83 m and its drying chamber has a dimension of: Length 4 m, Width 3 m, and Height 2 m. Based on the experimental result before, the effective motion of the samples being dried occured at angular speed near its natural frequency and the final moisture content of vibrated samples was lower than the samples without vibration. The results of this research for vibration analysis was almost the same as experimental result. Heat Transfer analysis was obtained that the average air temperature in the drying chamber could be achieved by the utilization of a flat plate heat exchanger. This flat plate heat exchanger was made of aluminum plate with a thickness of each plate of 1 mm. Water Power analysis was obtained that Buton river had a Potential Head, Hp 47 m, Capacity, 0 0.9 m3/s, Design Capacity, Qd 0.35 m3/s, Water Power, Ph = 161.3 kW, Electrical Power Output, Pg 99.4 kW and then electrical power output more than required electrical energy by a green drying chamber.


Keywords: Vibration, Heat, Water Power, Drying

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Analisis, Simulasi dan Percobaan Getaran pada Mesin Pengering Ramah Lingkungan

Analisis, Simulasi dan Percobaan Getaran

 pada Mesin Pengering Ramah Lingkungan

Analysis, Simulation and Experimental of Vibration
on Green Dryer Machine


La Ode Mohammad Firman, Program Studi Magister Teknik Mesin, Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Pancasila, Jakarta Selatan,





The observation was found that dryer machines for various agricultural commodities were  ineffective. The using of vibration system for moving agricultural commodities such as cashew nuts were on the shelf could not be moved optimally.  Beside that most of the surface of cashew nuts were on the shelf could not get hot air flow, so that on a specific moment cashew nuts must be taken out from the drying chamber to be manually moved. The previous study by using an unbalance mass and a piston engine explained that the spring load on dryer machine was too large, so that the spring used as pedestal of shelves would be broken fastly. Futhermore the previous study only did research on ratio of angular speed and natural frequency, r < 1. To solve the problems of the dryer machines and to develope the results of previous study, then it needs to do the study about: analysis, simulation and experimental of vibration. Beside that the study only uses an unbalance mass and the ratio of angular speed and natural frequency is r > 1. General purpose of this study is to do analysis, simulation and experimental of vibration on green dryer machine by using  unbalance mass. The study uses observation, literature study, analysis, simulation and experimental methods and cashew nuts as the commodity tested on the each shelf. The experimental results explained that the spring would not quickly broken and the vibration optimally was found on condition of the vibration approached resonance, namely: r = 1.004 to 1.31.


Keywords: Vibration, analysis, simulation, experimental.

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Optimasi Desain Alat Pengering Ikan Air Tawar kapasitas 20 kg sampai 200 kg memanfaatkan Tenaga Surya dan Biomassa





La Ode Mohammad Firman, Rendi

Program Studi Magister Teknik Mesin Universitas Pancasila, Jakarta




Salah satu metode memperpanjang umur simpan ikan adalah dengan cara menurunkan kadar air hingga di bawah 40%. Proses pengeringan secara alami mempunyai beberapa kekurangan seperti: waktu yang lama, perlu beberapa kali proses perbalikan dan kurang higienis. Sedangkan permasalahan pada alat pengering surya adalah kemampuan alat pengering untuk mengeringkan sangat terbatas oleh fluktuasi radiasi surya. Berdasarkan hal diatas maka akan diteliti alat pengering tipe rak yang memadukan pemanasan dan energi surya dan tungku pemanas. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah metode full facktorial eksperimen yaitu mengkombinasi tertentu dan faktor-faktor desain yang akan menghasilkan suatu kondisi desain yang paling optimal. Berdasarkan hash perhitungan yang dilakukan secara empiris dengan kapasitas 200 kg diperoleh: Desain koletkor surya yang paling optimal yaitu didesain dengan keminngan 1O°, membenkan sudut Zenit 16°, sudut Azimut 86°dan luas kolektor 32 m. Desain wang pengering yang paling optimal yaltu didesain dengan kecepatan udara 1.9 m/s, lebar ruang pengering 1.7 m dan luas ruang pengering 2.89 m memberikan penurunan kadar air komoditi 6.67 kg/h. Desain APK yang paling optimal yaitu didesain dengan diameter tube 0.028 m, panjang tube 0.7 m. Susunan tube 60° dan diameter shell 0.27 m.


Kata Kunci: Pengeringan, dimensi, optimasi

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