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Perancangan dan Pembuatan Roll Plat
Penulis : EKO PRASETYO, ST.,M.T. [PDF File] didownload : 33 x

Fluid Flow Analysis of Mikro Gas Turbine using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


The needs of micro-scale power plant for small and middle residential or industry are beginning to increase, especially for continuous power generation in remote area, emergency standby and peak shaving. There are several types of micro-scale power plant commonly used, such as micro-steam turbine, micro-hydro turbine, micro-gas turbine (MGT), etc. Among those micro-scale power plant, MGT has the highest performance. Therefore, it is a promising technology to develop. In MGT, an automotive turbocharger could be used as the gas generator or and the turbine because it has a compact structure, light weight and commercially available.


In order to design a micro-gas turbine, it is necessary to find the optimum design of compressors such as the outlet compressor diameter, the combustion chamber and turbine. This paper describes the analysis of fluid flow in a micro-gas turbine that used an automotive turbocharger as the compressor and the turbine of MGT to generate electric power by using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Three models with different diameter of compressor outlet were developed and analyzed. The analysis shows that the compressor outlet diameter of 30 mm has a better velocity distribution, higher Mach number and higher turbulent intensity among other models. The combustion chamber and the turbine also analyzed by using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). The combustion chamber analysis indicates that the combustion of C3H8 and the air were mixed perfectly with maximum chamber temperature of 905.56 K. Meanwhile the turbine analysis indicates that the turbine rotated with a speed of 4087.96 m/s.




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Key-word: - Micro Gas Turbine (MGT), CFD, Turbocharger, LPG 


Penulis : EKO PRASETYO, ST.,M.T. [PDF File] didownload : 36 x

How to Encourage The Competitive Advantages of The Green Manufacturing Industry: With OCB and An Environmentally Organization Culture.

Purpose: Manufacture industry requires efforts in shaping the behavior of organizational citizenship and incorporating green concepts in an ethical philosophy into the organizational culture. But for manufacturing, it is not easy because the performance of manufacturing companies are also formed from personal employees. This study reveals the fact that the behavior of citizenship and culture of environmentally organizations can build a green image and impact on the green competitive advantage in manufacturing industries.

Design/methodology/approach: This research was conducted by survey method to employees of companies engaged in the manufacturing industry. The sample is determined by purposive sampling of 114 manufacturing employees in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

Findings: In the manufacturing industry, the behavior of citizenship and organizational culture with the insight has an effect on the development of the green company image and the effect on the green competitive advantage. The culture of an environmentally organization has no effect on green competitiveness. The behavior of citizenship and culture of environmentally-sound organizations has an effect on the advantages of green competing through the image of the established green enterprise.

Research limitations/implications: This research is conducted within the region and a limited sample of manufacturing firms so that it is less generalizable to findings.

Practical implications: Companies engaged in the manufacturing industry can shape civic behavior by working together, help, advice, active participation, and extra service and use effective working time. A green culture within an organization can be formed by an organizational commitment to the environment.

Social implications: The competitive advantage of the manufacturing industry will be built as a company that is committed and enhanced the ability to manage risks that impact on the environment. This is what will drive the company into a major driver of green environmental growth that will make the initiative green economy-based. Thus it will potentially create new economic growth, create new jobs, and reduce poverty.

Originality/value: The results of this study can be applied in all industries based on the environment. In terms of internal efforts that form the behavior of citizenship and organizational culture with environmental insight and external efforts to establish the image of green companies that will impact on the benefits of green companies in competition.

Keywords: Green corporate image, citizenship behavior, organizational culture, competitive advantage. 

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 515 x

Mendorong Niat Pembelian Hijau Masyarakat Melalui Norma, Keyakinan dan Perilaku yang Dirasakan: Sebuah Tinjauan Literature.

Tujuan dari artikel ini adalah membangun paradigma penelitian melalui tinjauan literatur. Selama ini permasalahanlingkungan akibat dari proses produksi, penggunaan produk dan setelah produk tidak lagi digunakan, menjadi pekerjaan rumah dalam menjaga dan memperbaiki kualitas lingkungan. Oleh sebab itu sudah saatnya industri di Indonesia mulai mempertimbangkan untuk memproduksi produk hijau untuk mengurangi permasalahan tersebut. Produk hijau merupakan salah satu upaya yang dapat dilakukan bagi upaya perlindungan dan pengelolaan lingkungan. Oleh karena itu dipandang perlu untuk juga mendorong pembelian hijau masyarakat melalui perilaku yang dibentuk dari norma, keyakinan dan perilaku yang dirasakan, kemudian memberikan insentif kepada bidang usaha yang memproduksi produk hijau. Sehingga dapat menjadi pendorong usaha untuk menghasilkan produk hijau di Indonesia. Ditinjau dari segi kuantitas, unsur konsumen dalam masyarakat dapat mempengaruhi keputusan pembelian suatu produk. Konsumen, produsen dan pemerintah mempunyai peran penting dalam mendorong produk hijau di pasaran. Pada dasarnya kita semua sebagai individu merupakan konsumen, sehingga kita mempunyai kekuatan besar dalam mempengaruhi keberadaan produk hijau di pasaran. Kekuatan konsumen tersebut diharapkan dapat mempengaruhi pasar dengan menjadi penyeleksi terhadap produk di pasaran sehingga nantinya hanya produk hijaulah yang banyak ditemui di pasaran. Oleh karena itu perlu dilakukan penelitian bagaimana mendorong masyarakat agar mempunyai niat untuk membeli produk hijau.

Kata kunci:  niat pembelian hijau, norma, keyakinan, perilaku yang dirasakan.



The purpose of this article is to buildi a research paradigm through literature review. During this time the

environmental problems resulting from the production process, the use of products and after the product is no longer used, become a homework in maintaining and improving the quality of the environment. Therefore it is time for industries in Indonesia to start considering to produce green products to reduce the problem. Green products are one of the efforts that can be done for environmental protection and management efforts. Therefore it is deemed necessary to also encourage the purchase of green society through the behavior formed from norms, beliefs, and perceived behavior, and then provide incentives to the business field that produces green products. So it can be a driving force to produce green products in Indonesia. Judging from quantity aspect, consumer element on the society can influence purchase decision of a product. Consumers, producers, and governments have an important role in encouraging green products on the market. Basically, we all as individuals are consumers, so we have great power in influencing the existence of green products on the market. Consumer power is expected to affect the market by being a selection of products on the market so that later only green products are widely found in the market. Therefore it is necessary to research how to encourage people to have the intention to buy green products.

Keywords: Green purchase intentions, norma, belief, awareness,perceived behavioral

Penulis : SRI WIDYASTUTI, DR, S.E., M.M., M.SI, [PDF File] didownload : 33 x

Optimization Design of Open Circuit Wind Tunnel Suction Type

This study present optimize design of open circuit wind tunnel suction type based on the cross section shape variation, whist the specification of the axial fan is set at the debit of 8.75 m3/s and the diameter of 1.250 m. TEA (Task Episode Accumulation) and Computational Fluid Dynamic (with Ansys 15.0 version) applied in this study to determine the optimum design. The outcome is wind tunnel design variation 6 has the highest performance among others design. Variation 6 has a length of 5.015 m, speed of 15.0 m/s, Reynolds number of 8.1 x 105, turbulence intensity ranging between 10.25-10.75%, and the specimen must be placed in the middle of plane III and plane III in order to form uniformity in flow.

Keywords: Computational Fluid Dynamic, Design, Open Circuit, Wind Tunnel

Penulis : Agri Suwandi, Dr., S.T., M.T. [PDF File] didownload : 144 x

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