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Uptake of Phenothiazines by the harvested Chymlomicrons ex Vivo Model : Influence of self-Nanoemulsifiying Formulation Design
Penulis : DENI RAHMAT, Dr. rer. nat. [PDF File] didownload : 65 x

The Notion on Urban Lanskap Budaya from the Perspective of Landscape Architecture. Case Study: Cirebon City, West Java

Indonesia is a country with cultural richness and diversity, in which its urban landscape becomes significantly a representation of the cultural civilization. The landscape of the city in Indonesia has been formed by the cultural transformation within the community. Moreover, socio-economic and political factors also constitute the urban development for years.

The understanding of landscape has changes, it is not merely considered as an expanse of natural scenery that people come to see and enjoy. It comprises the visible features of an area including its physical elements and human elements such as human activity and the built up environment. This relates to a new emerging concept of urban cultural landscape (UCL) which has multi-disciplinary background (geography, archeology, urban planning, and landscape architects), and relevancy in analysing and identifying the development process of urban landscape.

Cirebon, situated in West Java Province, is a unique coastal city. Respectively, the historical urban development of Cirebon has significantly been influenced by various cultures and religions. The city was established since the Cirebon Kingdom era in 15th Century, and continues until this day. With the notion of UCL, this paper will use the city of Cirebon in order to analysis and identify the patterns and factors that formed the character of its urban landscape. Furthermore, it will also discuss the formation of urban cultural landscape of Cirebon City from the perspective of landscape architecture.


Keywords: cultural richnes, urban cultural landscape, Cirebon.

Penulis : DINI ROSMALIA, Dr., MSi., ST. [PDF File] didownload : 49 x

Development Planning for Ecotourism. Case Study: Ciliwung River Corridor, Jakarta

Ciliwung River is the longest river passing in the centre of Jakarta, Capital City of Indonesia. Its history and existence are very important to the community life as well as urban landscape. Now days, along the river, there are various problems such land use change, cleanliness, flood hazards and water pollutions. The objective of this research was to evaluate the river’s potential area for developing the river area to be urban ecotourism by identifying its tourism resources, analyzing its tourism objects and attractions, and planning the development of Ciliwung’s river corridor. The field observation was conducted in January 2007. A qualitative method was carried out to analyze data. The research of these data analyze, then, was overlaid in order to get a potential zone for urban ecotourism. The research results show that only some part of the upstream Ciliwung River is classified as suitable zone with a very high potency for developing urban ecotourism, the middle  part as a lower one, and the downstream as moderate one. Planning for the development of urban ecotourism is made for every zone according to its potential classification which are the highest will become the centre of development.


Keyword: urban ecotourism, river corridor, planning and developmen area. 

Penulis : DINI ROSMALIA, Dr., MSi., ST. [PDF File] didownload : 42 x

The Influence of Mauludan Tradition on the Ritual Scape of Cirebon Cultural Landscape in Indonesia

M(a)uludan is a unique and well-organized annual tradition of Kraton (palace) Kanoman in Cirebon, Indonesia. The uniqueness of this tradition lies on its meaning and philosophy, which both encourage residents to gather at the palace every year. People from different areas inside and outside Cirebon, make a ritual trip along special route. In accordance with the concept of cultural landscape, where culture plays a role as an agent of change to the natural formation, it is worth observing the relationship between m(a)uludan traditions and cultural landscape of Kraton Kanoman, especially the spatial setting. This paper aims to describe the influence of m(a)uludan traditions on the formation of cultural landscape practice in Kraton Kanoman. Futhermore, as argued, the spatial setting formed in the landscape features reflects the nexus between socio-cultural layers and typo-morphological structure of Kraton Kanoman. The study unveils the formation of imaginary space assembled by the presence of the citizen of 31 villages in the area of the Kanoman. This ritual route to the Kraton Kanoman has been practiced for generations. They strongly believe that their presence and involvement could give them virtue, prosperity blessing, and also protection from misfortune. This paper will argue that the existence of imaginary ritualscape form has been created by the cultural event m(a)uludan.



Keyword: cultural landscape, Kraton Kanoman, m(a)uludan tradition, ritualscape

Penulis : DINI ROSMALIA, Dr., MSi., ST. [PDF File] didownload : 65 x


Gangguan pendengaran yang disebabkan oleh kebisingan di lingkungan pekerjaan telah menjadi perhatian para peneliti. Pemerintah memberikan aturan secara jelas mengenai ambang batas mengenai kebisingan di lingkungan kerja dalam kaitannya dengan pencegahan penyakit akibat kerja. Makalah ini menganalisa paparan kebisingan kerja dan penggunaan alat pelindung diri kebisingan pada beberapa industri yang berbeda di Jakarta. Kuesioner digunakan untuk menggali informasi pada responden yang dianggap berpotensi terpapar oleh kebisingan di lingkungan kerjanya. Responden dipilih secara acak yaitu 400 orang pekerja pada 3 lingkungan industri yang berbeda seperti permesinan, industri daur ulang biji plastik, dan industri konveksi. Studi menunjukkan bahwa industri permesinan memiliki tingkat kebisingan yang lebih tinggi, yaitu sekitar 97 dB, sedangkan industry pengolahan biji plastik sekitar 92 dB dan industry konveksi sekitar 65 dB.  Proporsi terbesar penggunaan APD  adalah wanita yaitu sekitar 75% sementara laki-laki hanya sekitar 65%. Sedangkan berdasarkan usia, diperoleh informasi bahwa usia responden 21-35 tahun merupakan pengguna APD terbesar yaitu sekitar 67.8% dan usia di atas 46 tahun menggunakan APD sekitar 37.2%. Para stakeholder mempunyai peranan yang cukup penting dalam upaya mereduksi potensi risiko yang dapat muncul dari paparan tingkat kebisingan pada lingkungan pekerjaan serta senantiasa memperhatikan faktor-faktor kesehatan dan keselamatan kerja (K3) karyawan.

Penulis : BAMBANG CAHYADI, ST., MT [PDF File] didownload : 107 x

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