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This study sought to find out reliable and sufficient data in order to formulate and arrive at courses of action that would solve the problems regarding bus companies’ social responsibility relative to air pollution in Metropolitan Jakarta. Specifically, the study answers the following questions: How is air pollution reckoned in Jakarta in terms of factor causing air pollution, effects of air pollution. What government offices are concerned with air pollution and what are their policies, rules and regulations. To what extend do the public utility companies comply with the government’s air pollution rules and regulations in terms of standard ambient, type of engine and devices and engine life time. What is the status of bus company in terms of proportion between private and public utility vehicle, number of trips every day, types of engine, types of gasoline, number of jobs shifts. How do the passengers perceived the compliance of bus drivers in terms of air pollution rules and regulation, courtesy of drivers, bus driver’s physical condition, safety of passengers, comfort of passengers. Are there significant differences among the government’s practices to minimize air pollution in terms of standard ambient, air pollution rules and regulations, safety of passengers. What problems are encountered in the exercise of social responsibility with regards to air pollution as perceived by the government and the PUV companies. What courses of action should be taken to improve the social responsibility of public utility bus companies in relation to air pollution? The government, business sector and passengers could providing some assistant to be integrated and synchronized in terms of service, technology, traffic and air pollution rules and regulations for the PUV bus companies in order to improve their means of operation more socially responsible, with acting more environmentally friendly, provide passengers satisfaction to improve society’s quality of life and at the same time they can have company’s sustain growth and profits. 

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 1 x


Students have become more critical selecting university they tend to enroll; student hopefully would not choose the wrong university to be enrolled. The result indicated that state universities tend to be choose due to some factors such as in: opportunity for personal contact with faculty, reputation of campus, availability of religious facility, academic reputation, availability of dormitory, opportunity for religious activities, availability higher level of education as in post graduate and doctoral program, potential marketability of the degree, and availability of sports and cultural activities. Factors to be considered to select the private university were: Flexibility of registration process, distance between campus and student’s residence, availability of reference book, libraries or other information sources regarding private university, advice from families, and availability of night classes. Key words: Selecting universities. 

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 1 x


The weak quality of leadership in developing countries was incapable of managing the state to be strong and unsuccessful in establishing a prosperous society instead of trade, law and territory dominated by foreigners. The weakness of strategic policies of government leads political, economic, social, and cultural management and technology was unable to win strategic politically-influenced business competition in the era of Globalization and high technological advancement. The process of business globalization and high-tech advancement was very capable of influencing and changing business patterns more quickly, efficiently and effectively. The process of Globalization have strategically changed poor countries to be markets, buyers and users of foreign industrial products. The inability of the government to form a production system and its outcomes, shaping the consumptive behavior of its people, even letting people depend on foreign products, allowing foreign countries to take control of natural resources and human resources based on the reasons of increasing investment. Strategically the business and economies of developing countries have been easily controlled by developed countries. Several more qualified strategies to improve the conditions of trade business have been found to solve the problem of foreign economic dominance and expected to succeed as expected by the community when implemented.  

Key words: Globalization; International Business Strategy; High Technology; Consumptive; Foreign Product Dependence; Foreign Domination. 


Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 1 x


In the process of making ceramics there is a stage of the process of smoothing, which reflects the determinants of the quality of ceramics. The effort to create glaze quality requires expertise, and the reliability of the process. Glasir determines the quality of ceramics, requires skill, work process reliability. The expertise and reliability of glaze workers was strongly associated with glaze quality. Workers should be able to maintain and improve the craftsmanship and reliability of the smelting process. Ceramic workers should maintain and improve the craftsmanship and reliability of the smoothing process. In the framework of labor recruitment should not need gender discrimination. The most important employees of both men and women were given the provision of training and glaze techniques as well as possible. JEL Codes: D1; D2; D13; D20; D24 Key words: Expertise, Reliability, Glaze Quality. 

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 1 x


The research ideas came from Tihomir Vranesevic and Ranko Stancec (2003). The focus was extent to which the consumer perceived the brand and how it affects the evaluation of the functional characteristic of the product quality. The research was conducted in Pasar Baru Jakarta, and McNemar Test statistical test was used to analyze the difference consumer’s choice before and after brand’s treatment. The results showed that there is significantly difference between consumer’s choices before and after test, and the brand has greater effect on its difference. It was obvious that quality of a product, as well as the physical characteristics, brand plays an important role. Key words: product quality, consumer choice, product characteristic

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 1 x

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