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Work performed on footwear and leather industry was a job that requires concentration and accuracy, are settled, sedentary and sedentary (sedentary work). The working hours were confiscated by the number of work orders that must be done within a certain working posture (postural Limitation). Type of work is causing stress on the skeletal muscle (musculoskeletal) and cause muscle fatigue. Primary data will be collected by performing measurements in the workplace while processing and data analysis performed with an ergonomic approach to science, methods of REBA (Rapid Entire Body Assessment) and statistical analysis. Observations will be done by taking a sampling of data from men and women workers in some of the footwear and leather industry in PIK Cakung East Jakarta. Observations made before (pretest) and after (posttest) the application of ergonomic. Fatigue measurements performed using a questionnaire instrument, Reba analysis to determine the level (level) the risk of work, posture and ergonomic working position


Key words : fatigue, ergonomic, Reba (Rapid Entire Body Assessment)


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Emissions of dust particles into the air by a motor vehicle air pollution needs to be a major concern. PM10 impacted in environmental degradation and human health. This study aims to determine the relationship between levels of particulate matter (PM10) with an increase in respiratory problems in residents at Jalan MH. Thamrin, Jakarta. This study used a systematic random sampling technique with 100 respondents. Data collected through observation and interviews using questionnaires. This study performed using SNI 19-7119.3-2005 which sampling procedure using High Volume Air Sampler (HVAS) at three different locations. PM10 concentration levels of pollutants in location 1 is higher than in other locations where the concentration of PM10 at this location approximately 110.12 μg/m3 to 125.84 μg/m3. The study also showed that there a significant relationship between the concentration of PM10, the number of vehicles at each location and respiratory problems in populations.


Keywords : Air pollution, PM10, vehicles, MH. Respiratory problems, MH. Thamrin Jakarta


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Capability Process Analysis Welding Machine Head Cap Modified

In line with the competition in world market of printer business that is increases, the company claimed to make improvements in all aspects continuosly. This is done in order to reduce production costs, so the printer can be produced with so good quality products at affordable prices can be produced.

One of improvement activity in the PT. Indonesia Epson Industry is a change of their purchases of new machines Welding Cap Head by imported, with the utilization of machines Welding Filters which are not used and stored in warehouse. The study was conducted to analyze the ability of the Cap Head Welding machines modified at each stage of the evaluation.

Process capability analysis is a part of quality control activities that will examine the extent to which a process can meet the specifications that have been defined. In this research, the quality of the measured variable is the height (variables A1 and A2) and the diameter of the welding (variables B1 and B2).

The results suggest that the final value of the process capability index (Cp) at evaluation phase there are 1.61 (variable A1), 1.56 (variable A2), 4.04 (variables B1), 4.06 (variable B2). This value indicates that the ability of the Head Welding Cap is above the industry minimum standard (Cp) of 1.50 for new processes, so that the statistical process meets the defined requirements.

Keywords: Improvement, Proses Capability and Process, Capability Index.


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The Initial Investigation Of Household Batery Waste, Knoledge awerness and Community Participation in Surabaya City

As one part of the category of e-waste, household batteries are also considered as one of the hazardous waste in many countries because they contain heavy metals that could potentially harm human health and the environment. This paper presents the initial investigation of household battery waste in the city of Surabaya. Knowledge, awareness and community participation are also discussed. The data and information used in this study were collected by distributing questionnaires by random in 5 areas in the city of Surabaya and interviewed approximately 480 households. Research shows that other types of batteries figure out of around 57 %, about 24% of AA batteries, AAA roughly 15 % and 4 % for a 9V battery. Majority of Households, approximately 64 % know that used batteries can be a problem in the environment and human health. Households stated that the products of famous brands, cheaper prices, and advices from friends is a priority when they buy batteries. Despite their knowledge of the waste battery is fairly good, only about 31.5 % of households are willing to pay for the improvements of the electronic waste management system. However, households are willing to engage in recycling their waste batteries. Considering the a used battery waste generation continues to increase, recycling programs need to be introduced to the public for waste materials that have the potential risk to human health and the environment.


Keywords: e-waste, batteries, knowledge, awareness, willingness to pay.



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Penerapan Metode Critical Chain Project Management Untuk Perencanaan Proyek Very Low Presure Phase II KEI Ltd


Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk membuat perencanaan proyek Very Low Pressure Phase-II yang diharapkan tidak seperti proyek sebelumnya, dimana terjadi ketidaksesuaian antara perencanaan dengan pelaksanaanya. Hal ini dikarenakan penambahan aktivitas yang tidak direncanakan sebelumnya dan prilaku student’s syndrome. Student’s syndrome berupa penguluran waktu mulai karena adanya waktu aman (safety time) disetiap aktivitas dan saat proyek berjalan ditemukan masalah, maka estimasi waktu dan biaya membesar. Oleh karena itu dibuat suatu perencanaan dengan menerapkan metode Critical Chain Project Management. Dari data primer dan data sekunder diolah dengan software microsoft project. Metode ini menghilangkan safety time disetiap aktivitas dan menggantinya dengan waktu penyangga (buffer time). Penambahan buffer time dengan menggunakan metode cut and paste yaitu menambahkan project buffer separuh durasi rantai kritis (critical chain) pada akhir rantai dan meletakan feeding buffer dengan separuh durasi aktivitas ke aktivitas pada rantai tidak kritis (non critical chain) yang membawa kepada rantai kritis (critical chain). Hasil dari penelitian bahwa apabila saat proyek berjalan tidak terdapat perubahan-perubahan maka proyek dapat diselesaikan selama 370 hari dengan biaya 3,558,232.73 USD. Apabila terjadi ketidaksesuaian, maka buffer time dapat dikonsumsi sebesar 185 hari dengan biaya resource buffer  sebesar 334,767.27 USD dan total penyelesaian proyek selama 555 hari, waktu aman untuk proyek Very Low Pressure Phase-II ini. 

Kata Kunci: Critical Chain Project Management, Project Buffer, Buffer Time, Feeding Buffer 


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