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3. Features of Organizations of Tax Control In Kazakhstan and Abroad

This article considers the problem of the tax control in Kazakhstan, USA, Germany and
Indonesia. Also types and methods of carrying out tax control are considered. The analysis of the
events held by tax authorities for the purpose of increase of efficiency of tax administration in
Kazakhstan is carried out. Activity of tax authorities in the sphere of tax administration is studied.

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 3 x

Issues In The Management System Aspecte ale Sistemului de Management Local Culture: A Strategic Role to Improve Industrial Relations.

Abstract: Foreign investment that introduce foreign cultures affect the local culture when
there is interaction behavior ekspatriate and technological change on the local community, local
culture influenced by foreign cultures so that it appears a new culture, local culture is not
affected by the foreign cultures when the practice of local culture is strong, the assimilation of
foreign culture with local cultural interactions lead to harmony among cultures leads benefit the
company. The research method used historical review and content analysis. Keywords: culture, industrial relation, assimilation

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 2 x

The Indonesia Economic Development: An Education, Skills Training and Preparation of Business Achievements.

Abstract: This research paperaimed to provide input and advice to the Government of Indonesia need to improve
economic development in Indonesia interms of the development of education, the mastery of knowledge and skills of
general and specific skills for the population, develop business fields such as forestry, marine and fisheries, food
crops, industrial sector, investment, infrastructure and economic policy package of fiscal and monetary fields. The
research was conducted using library research method.
Keywords: economic development, education, skills, business sector, economic growth, monetary policy
JEL Classification: O1, O3, G00

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 6 x

Environmental Pollution and Global Climate Change: A Strategic Deterrence Business and Social Problem

"> Abstract: Global environmental pollution causes of global climate change would lead to occurrence of business
and social problems. Environmental conditions damag ed a cause of diseases, labor sickness and low
productivity would lead low business profitability. These would cause severe employees termination and
unemployment. The unemployment would cause social p roblem and society’s decline purchasing power a big
loss of business opportunity. The research was usin g library research method and historical content an alysis.
Keywords: Pollution, climate change, diseases, business and s ocial problem
JEL Classification: M400, Q500

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 2 x

War: The Strategic Need for Business and Economy.

territory, property, casualties, victMost of the wars in the world were done for reasons of competition power, political
interest, seizure of territory, economic and business interests. Mastery of the wider region
to obtain natural resources in the region more and more have been enriching economic
actors and winner of the war. The number of casualties and material were deemed
appropriate sacrifices incurred to obtain wealth and glory. The historical data and
literature review used in this study as the basis of qualitative content analysis method.
Большинство войн в мире было сделаны по соображениям конкуренции во
власти, политических интересов, захват территории, экономических и бизнес
интересов. Мастерство в более широком регионе, чтобы получить природные
ресурсы в регионе все больше и больше были обогащения экономических субъектов и
победителя в войне. Число жертв и материалов были признаны соответствующие
жертвы, понесенные для получения богатства и славы. В данном исследований
рассматриваются исторические аспекты и обзор литературы в основе метода
качественного анализа содержимого.
Keywords: war, politics, power,

Penulis : GATUT LUHUR BUDIONO, PhD. MBA. [PDF File] didownload : 6 x

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