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Dampak Pencemaran Debu Terhadap Kesehatan Tenaga Kerja Pada Bagian Produksi Pengecoran Logam


Research in PT. Bonjor Klaten is aimed to know the contamination level of the dust from production in the production room, to estimate the mechanism how the influence happen to workers health, to know the relation between the metal dust rate and how long the circulation. Based on former literatures and researches, it is known that dust is one of the chemical factors which can generate one disease as an effect of the work. To absorb dust from production for long time continuously can cause the trouble of respiration volume and the damage of lungs network. The disease cause of dust from production is called Pneumokonosis, this disease represent the essential problem for all labours of the factory that have been worked during twenty year. PT. Bonjor, Klaten is the metalwork that has been walked sufficient long time so that it is required to perform a research concerning the labours working in production section which absorb the dust from production in different period and different level. The method used in this research of dust rate exist in the room is Cross Sectional Method. Population of this research is taken from the metalwork labours on machinery and printing sections which absorb high rate dust for long period. Spirometer used to measure the different level of dust from production absorbtion while High volume sampler used to measure dust rate exist on the room. The results of the research are the measurement result of dust rate which is done at production section in PT. Bonjor, Klaten represent the rate of dust in machinery part equal to 3,012 mg/m3, while absorbtion of dust from production in moulding part equal to 0,669 mg/m3, the condition still under boundary which have been determined.

Based on the research result the measurement of dust rate which spread around production section affect to degradation of labours health, from 30 responders who work in machinery and metal moulding parts, found only 13% workers in normal lungs condition, while 77% workers in damage lungs condition and 13% workers in acute lungs condition.


Keywords : Affect of Dust Contamination to Labours Health at The Metal Moulding Production Section.


Penulis : SITI ROHANA NASUTION, Ir.MT [PDF File] didownload : 1 x

Usulan Rancangan Ulang Tata Letak Mesin di PT Korosi Specindo

Perencanaan fasilitas merupakan salah satu upaya yang dilakukan perusahaan untuk dapat mengorganisir berbagai alat produksinya agar mampu memberikan efisiensi dari segi tata letak. PT. Korosi Specindo adalah salah satu perusahaan manufaktur yang bergerak di bidang Corrosion Monitoring System. Saat ini kondisi layout fasilitas produksi di perusahaan mengalami kendala dalam hal material handling yang kurang efisien. Hal ini dikarenakan tata letak mesin yang tidak teratur. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk merancang tata letak mesin yang lebih baik. Berdasarkan hasil analisis menggunakan metode From To Chart, Out Flow, Tabel Skala Prioritas, dan Activity Relationship Diagram diperoleh rancangan tata letak mesin yang paling optimum. Dalam penelitian ini layout usulan dapat memperbaiki aliran material handling menjadi lebih teratur. Terjadi penurunan jarak material handling dari total jarak awal sebesar 1036,8 meter dengan layout usulan menjadi 732,3 meter. Persentase penurunan jarak material handling sebesar 29,36%. Layout usulan juga dapat menurunkan ongkos material handling dari total ongkos awal sebesar Rp. 8666,122 menjadi Rp. 6176,184. Persentase penurunan ongkos material handling sebesar 28,73%.


Kata kunci : Material Handling, Ongkos Material Handling, From To Chart, Corrosion Monitoring System 


Penulis : SITI ROHANA NASUTION, Ir.MT [PDF File] didownload : 1 x

Analisis Pengaruh Orientasi Pasar dan Orientasi Kewirausahaan terhadap Restoran Khas Indonesia
Penulis : SUDARMIN PARENRENGI , Dr, MM [PDF File] didownload : 2 x

The Analysys of Employees' Job Satisfaction in X University

One of the most pressing problems focing orgonizofions todoy is how fo mofiyqte employees fo work more productively ond lo increose lheir feelings of sotisfoction. involvemenl, ond commiiment. Job sqtisfqction is o very importont  q  ribufe which is frequently meosured by orgonizotions. The mosl common woy of meosuremenl is lhe use of roting scoles where employees reporl their reoctions io iheir  Questions relote to rote of poy, woi'k responsibilitiesf vorieiy of tqsks. promotionol opportuniiies the work itself ond co-workers. iobs.  The Mulliple Regression Anolysis wos used fo onswer the sfotemenf of the problem in this reseorch. The dependent vorioble is  iob  sotisfoction of employees ot the University of X. While independenl voriobles. includes; communicotion qnd  plonning foctors. Role foctor. Culturol foclors, Relqtions with Superiors foctor. Trqining Progrom fqctors, the Feedbock foclor, Relotionships wilh peer foctor. Performonce Monogement foctor, the Solory foctor,ond the Profil fqctor. The multiple  regression onolysis resuh showed ftot ftere  voriqbles ihol were significonce they  qre  Boss, ond Performonce Monogement. ll meqns those  to  iob Communicofion  qnd  qre Plonning,Relotionship wifh yoriqbles hove o strong relotionship sotisfoclion. As we know communicqtion ond Plonning is one of the importqnt things between people especiolly in fte work world becouse communicotion ond plonning is power qnd  olso lhe heort of o conlinuous effort designed to improye employee compelency ond orgonizqlionol performonce. 

Penulis : SUDARMIN PARENRENGI , Dr, MM [PDF File] didownload : 2 x

HPLC Method Optimation of α-Mangostin Assay in Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) Fruit Rind Extract Formulated in Oral Solution

Antioxidant from natural ingredients is important to reduce an incident of degenerative diseases and to prevent free radicals. One of them is mangosteen fruit rind which is rich in antioxidants, especially α-mangostin as a major component. The developed formulation of oral solution contains mangosteen fruit rind extract that needs an assay method for quality testing. The α-mangostin compound can be used as chemical marker. To determine a very low concentration of analyte in sample with very complex matrix, such as in oral solution, it needs a selective and sensitive method, that can be obtained in high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). In this study, α-mangostin assay was performed by RP-HPLC system using octadecylsilane (C18) stationary phase with various ratios of mobile phase and flow rate. The best result are given by system with methanol-water (90:10) as mobile phase, flow rate of 1.0 mL/min, and UV detector at 316 nm. In addition, the retention time of α-mangostin was 9.622 minutes.


Keywords: α-mangostin, Garcinia mangostana L., assay, oral solution, HPLC

Penulis : LILIEK NURHIDAYATI , M.Si [PDF File] didownload : 2 x

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